NCC vs SSC - League Game 15.05.2016

We have our third league game of the season against SSC. The weather was far from perfect and there was prediction of rain later in the day for top of the table clash. Home Captain won the toss and put the opposing team into Bat.


Finally after giving lot of extras and runs in the first two games, our openning bowlers found their line and length. The opposing team was stifled and runs were hard to come by. The first two overs were maiden and at last the pressure caused the opening batsman to hit a risky shot and was caught with the total score 8.


All the bowlers kept on the pressure and at the break SSC were 50+ after 20 overs with dangerous Milan at the crease. After the break Asher got Ali out and we started making inroads to their batting line up. Rafiq got rid of Milan when total score was 85. Their late order kept the scoreboard ticking and with same late hittings, SSC put on 151 runs.


During the break there was some drizzle which made the pitch difficult for batting. Opposing team also complained about cold weather, however this is Germany and it is cold here :)  Irrespective of all the shenanigans of opposing team,Umer and Ali started well. Umer was particularly severe on any thing short and we got off to a flying start. After 5 overs we were 33 for loss of one wicket, when Ali could not keep his cool and hit a rash short. Arshad followed in quick succession as well. Umer and Naveed tried to build the innings but unfortunately Umer got out to a ball which kept low and deflected from his pads on to the stumps.


Then Shakoor came and started playing as if he was playing on a completely different pitch. He showed some solid defense but did not let go any bad ball unpunished. On the other hand, captain was trying to give company to Shakoor and protecting his wicket. Without any further hiccups we managed to complete the run chase in 30th Over and Shakoor on the last ball hitting a six to complete his half century as well.


Overall it was very good performance and it bodes well for the upcoming games. We dealt a crushing blow to one of our closest opponent in league table. We need to keep this performance and improve in all the areas as more tough assignments awaits us.

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